Introducing new ways of working can be uncertain for any business. Bringing in new ERP software often involves introducing new processes and changing the organization’s culture. There can be many barriers to these types of changes, including current systems and staff. Quite often staff can become comfortable with processes within a business and can be adverse to change. When implementing any type of new software or process it is important that you take into consideration the needs of your staff as well as clients and other stakeholders. When investing in new cloud-based ERP software for nonprofits, change processes must be planned carefully to ensure successful implementation.


The needs of all the employees must be taken into consideration when deciding which software to use and what goals to set; you must look at how the software will fit into your current structure. If you are moving over to the cloud then the chances are it will benefit your nonprofit enormously as you will have access to data no matter where you are.

Goals and targets should be established so that you can measure the success of the introduction of the new cloud-based software. These targets are important as they can be used to measure the success of implementation later on.


A schedule should be developed so that everyone in your organization knows when to start using the new systems. It is important to nominate people within different areas of your organization to be team leaders so that if anyone is unsure about the new software or processes they know who to speak to.

People can be adverse to change, and a significant amount of ERP and CRM systems fail due to a lack of understanding of the importance of proper planning. Managing change among the staff in your organization is critical in the success of your ERP software.


Train all staff how to use the new software. Ensure there are training documents available in case they need a refresher or more information. Team leaders should be fully trained so that they can answer any queries about the new software. If staff know how to use the software, and are comfortable with the new processes then they are more likely to start using is successfully.

When your staff and volunteers see the benefits of Cloud ERP software the reasons for the change will become ever-apparent. They will be able to access information and data from the field or from home.


Once all plans are in place and users have been trained, then you will be able to go ahead and start using the software. Within the first few weeks you should request feedback with the users. Any issues that are encountered can then be faced early on to make the most of the nonprofit cloud software in the future.
Targets and goals will need to be looked at to see if the implementation has been a success. If it there are some areas that have not quite been successful then these can be addressed as quickly as possible to ensure the new nonprofit software is being used to its full potential.