Three tips worth considering as you embark on your ERP implementation. 

  • Choose a partner, not a provider
  • Choosing the right ERP solution
  • Change can be good but is often met with resistance 

1.Choose A Partner, Not A Provider

Deploying an ERP solution requires the expertise and support of a reputable software provider. This is a partnership and your provider should be knowledgeable in your industry, understand your business needs, and guide you into finding a solution that matches those needs. You don’t want to be pressured into choosing the wrong ERP solution and you should never let providers push you into changing business processes to fit the software. Your ERP solution should work the way you work, not the other way around.

2.Choosing The Right ERP Solution

Many ERP platforms offer the ability to manage all of your business operations including finances, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution activities, and human resources and payroll processes. More than a few platforms offer tailored solutions for specific industry types such as retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, ecommerce, and others. Some solutions offer additional customizations to capture unique business processes or can integrate with add-on solutions that can provide supplementary value. A flexible ERP solution, such as Epicor® ERP, can stay aligned with your business as you experience growth. Be careful not to over-customize or choose a solution that offers more features than you really need. Adding unnecessary features or functions will cost more and can confuse users, leading to problems with data entry and use. 

3.Change Can Be Good But Is Often Met With Resistance

People can be accustomed to existing systems, even when they are inefficient. Involving a cross-section of representatives as of the beginning of the process can build acceptance and support from the start. Initial training and periodic re-training can also reinforce the benefits of using ERP, such as improving yield and profitability. Getting support from throughout your business can encourage greater user adoption and support. 

Take the advice from leaders who have implemented ERP solutions. Contact Excelanto Technologies for additional guidance when starting your ERP journey.