Four Emerging ERP Trends

PostedOn: 2016-04-21 13:38:58

As the popularity of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software increases, vendors are constantly looking for a aggressive edge. This competitive edge, however, comes from the demand from companies that need ERP software, and has brought on much great progress in the software industry.

Let’s take a look at four ERP trends that are growing in popularity.

1: Mobile

Software users are looking for easier and quicker ways to right to use the system and their data. Mobile ERP, or accessing the system on a cell phone, tablet, etc., allows employees to see reports, job processes, billing/shipping details, and much more on the go or away from workplace.

2: Social ERP

One of the most experimental trends, ERP providers have been incorporating social media into the software. It has been increasingly popular in other software, including CRM, and it is not hard to do. The biggest issue is: is there any significant reason to have social media in ERP?

3: More and More Integration

Integration and centralization of data is flattering very important to companies. Considering how encompassing ERP is, it is generally ideal for it to be attached to all other pieces of software the company uses. For ERP, that means integration with CRM or CAD software and emails (Outlook, Gmail).

4: Two-Tiered ERP

Two-tiered ERP refers to a headquarters using one ERP system, and a different location using another one. This can be beneficial because different locations may have different processes and needs, and it can be cheaper to implement two smaller systems as opposed to one large one