Data Security In Cloud ERP

PostedOn: 2016-05-14 11:58:48

More and more organizations are choosing to shift their ERP systems to the cloud. This is because there are a lot of reimbursements to moving your ERP system to the cloud. Some benefits include the ability to access the ERP software without having to install hardware, not having to worry about upgrading your ERP system on a regular basis (which can be very expensive), and not having to pay for someone to keep up your system.

But some organizations still need to be concerned with the security of their data in the cloud. It’s important to keep in mind that cloud ERP systems are extremely secure, and data may actually be far more secure than it would be in house. However, there are situations where security might still be a valid concern. For instance, companies in the medical field that regularly handle sensitive patient information.

Will Your Data Still be Yours to Control?

Moving data to the cloud means that some amount of control must be given over to the application provider. There is no way around it- that’s just how the system works.

When searching for a cloud ERP solution, first ask potential vendors what would happen if a data breach was to occur. What is their protocol?

Would data from other businesses be stored on the same server as your data? Find out who would have access to your data.

What are the Regulations for your Field?

Organizations require to be careful to make sure that your vendor can adhere to regulatory requirements, especially because industries that don’t comply can face heavy fines.

Make sure vendors know exactly what your requirements are, and can make sure that you are always compliant with them.

Other Types of Security

Here are some examples of often-overlooked ERP data security questions:

  •          What kind of security does the facility have where the data will be stored?
  •          Do employees receive background checks, and if so, how thorough are they?
  •          What security measures are in place during data transfers?
  •          What is the protocol for a situation where security has been compromised?
  •          What kind of encryption does this vendor use?

Take plenty of time to consider all your options and examine each cloud ERP vendor closely before making a decision. In the end, it’s your responsibility to ensure your data stays safe and secure.