10 Key Benefits of Using ERP Software

PostedOn: 2016-05-19 12:26:56

If you’re looking to put into operation an ERP solution for your enterprise, it’s important that you know the various points of impact in advance.

Here are the ten key benefits that having ERP software brings:


An ERP system is easily scalable. That means adding new functionality to the system as the business needs change is easy. This could mean easy management of new processes, departments, and more.

2.Improved reporting

Much of the inadequacy in prepared work stems from indecent reporting. With an ERP system, this possibility is eliminated as reporting follows an automated template system, allowing various departments to access information seamlessly.

3.Data quality 

As compared with manual record-keeping or other usual approaches, an ERP system improves data quality by improving the underlying processes. As a result, better business decisions can be reached.

4.Lower cost of operations 

An ERP system introduces original innovations in organization resources, which eliminates delays and thus reduces cost of operations. For instance, use of mobility allows real-time collection of data, which is indispensable to lowering costs.

5.Better CRM 

A direct benefit of using a good ERP system is improved customer relations as a result of better business processes.

6.Business analytics

Having high-quality data allows businesses to use the power of intelligent analytics tools to arrive at better business decisions. In fact, many good ERP systems have built-in analytics functionality to allow easier data analysis.

7.Improved data access

Controlling data access properly is always a challenge in organizations. With an ERP system, this challenge is overcome with the use of advanced user management and access control.

8.Better supply chain

Having the right ERP system in place means improved procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc., essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.

9.Regulatory compliance 

Having the system in control means organizations can better comply with regulations. Further, the most important and recurring regulatory requirements can be built right into the system.

10.Reduced complexity 

Perhaps the most elegant argument in the favor of ERP systems is that they reduce the complexity of a business and introduce a neatly designed system of workflows. This makes the entire human resource chain more efficient.

There are many more benefits of an ERP system, but these are the chief ones. Needless to say, a good ERP system is indispensable in the modern economic scenario.