3 Benefits of an Integrated ERP System

PostedOn: 2016-06-16 17:38:46

ERP and CRM software systems are becoming a common staple in many different industries. They both have very dissimilar uses and you may value some over the other, however when integrated to work as a team they can benefit your business. Having an integrated system is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage and furthering your success. Below are the top 3 reasons why it's crucial for your company to implement an integrated ERP system with your CRM software.


1.Increased ROI: 

Getting a rapid turn on investment is every business's main priority. With the help of an integrated ERP and CRM system determining your Return on Investment has never been easier. Integrating sooner rather than later allows for a much simpler transition and with modern technology, the transition is far less complicated and expensive than it has been in the past, thereby lessening your expenses and enabling you to reap the benefits sooner.

2.Increased Visibility and Accuracy: 

Integrating systems can open up a whole new world of visibility for your organization. View many facets of your customers at once and analyse their buying preferences as well as their payment history to give new insight into your customer base. Empower your marketing team with more accurate and effective programs, thanks to the power of integration. Not to mention the fact that an integrated ERP and CRM system eliminates duplicate data entry to make you more efficient.

3.Easy Access to the Whole Picture: 

ERP and CRM integration allows employees to access their information in real time to eliminate the hassle of trying to track down current and timely data. Gone are the days when you would scramble to answer customer inquiries and needs; with a fully integrated system, you can retrieve inventory levels, shipments, customer financials, order history, payments, returns, etc. all with the simple touch of a button.