Life After Your ERP Go-Live: 3 Steps To Success

PostedOn: 2016-07-05 11:35:50

For organizations implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, your ERP go-live is often thought as the project’s grand achievement.  

A go-live is a step in a successful ERP implementation, because it represents months of work dedicated to improving business processes and tasks. However, many organizations focus too much on the go-live date and are unprepared for what comes next: Life after your ERP go-live.

We have provided three steps to take before your go-live date, so your organization achieves success afterward.

Complete Testing

ERP testing for your organization begins months before a go-live. The more thorough testing prior to your go-live date, the fewer problems users will likely encounter when the system is live.

Review Your Training Program 

Ideally, training is done before the go-live for end users, so that they will be able to start doing their normal jobs right away. Therefore, it is important to review your various teams’ training schedules. Did a team fall through the cracks? Likewise, review skill levels of employees. Some employees may need more remedial training than others and may learn processes at a different pace. 

Additionally, post go-live training is useful to reinforce how to navigate the new system, and how to perform new procedures.

Keep Goals Attainable

A go-live is only the beginning of ERP success for your organization. ERP systems do streamline processes and can provide gains that were previously unachievable with legacy systems. However, it is important to realize that benefits from an ERP implementation do not occur the day after a go-live.

Knowing what goals are appropriate is a critical task. For example, post-implementation audits can ensure benefits realization. The project team should define key performance indicators that will drive business benefits and apply target levels of performance to be used as a basis for the audit.