25 Ways To Boost Your Blog/Website Traffic

PostedOn: 2016-07-06 12:12:20

Increasing traffic to your website is another important part to gain and boost your rankings in Google although we always said that “Content is the King” for the articles you are posting. 

Boosting your blog or website traffic offers you with many advantages such as good sales, brand awareness, positioning, Publicity and so on. Do note that website visitors are the lifeline of your blog to appear on top positions in major search engines. No traffic No Ranking unless the keyword or article is of low competition.

In this Blog post we will sum up 25 Methods to enlarge your Blog/website traffic.

1. Start with Twitter account and Building Large following

2. Share your content on Twitter least once in a week

3. Link your Blog to your Twitter Account

4. Build a page on Facebook and start increasing the links

5. Link your blog or website to your Facebook page

6. Share your post with links or Images.

7. Create Share buttons on your blog for easy sharing of content by your visitors.

8. Prepare a proper targeted email list (You can send emails once you publish your blog post)

9. Don’t Ignore Google+ follow the above twitter and Facebook steps

10. Email subscription box is important many forgot.

11. Add images with Alt tags wherever require – This boost traffic when someone is searching for images

12. Include RSS feed Option

13. Headline can increase the headcount

14. Create Readable content for your visitors.

15. Start putting the links to Pinging services.

16. Comment on other blogs with your website/blog link

17. Don’t be lazy – Reply your users when commented

18. Create user friendly URL’s & SEO Optimized Content

19. Start adding your website/blog address in your email signature

20. Participate in LinkedIn Topics, Related Forum and add link or brand name if require.

21. Submit your blog posting to leading social media websites such as stumble upon, Reddit and so on. .

22. Sometime controversy attract attention – Create some negative heading

23. Add statistics or numbers in your posting if needed.

24. Interlink your old blog post to increase the stay time of the visitors

25. Publish quiz and incentives for visitors.

Apart from the above there are many other tactics which can increase your traffic. Although if you follow the above that would be good to increase your website/blog traffic quickly.