SEO Tips On Increasing Your Website Usability

PostedOn: 2016-07-19 12:19:17

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Creating a powerful website with beautiful design is quite an easy task since there are many templates available over the internet which you can choose from, But creating interesting website which is user or visitor friendly is a little hectic task. Remember your visitors are very valuable and they can become subscribers if your website is interesting and usable.

Following are the tips where you can increase your website usability

Keep Easy Scan pages

To create a user friendly website your pages should easily scanned by the visitor. I have personally observed that people don’t like to read a web page as a novel. Use bold, italics, bullet points to make pages worthy reading. Use graphic element carefully to put in order the format of your web pages.

Include site maps

Many ignore site maps, although it improves the navigation of web pages, Create site maps to increase the architecture of your web pages. Sometime you need to update site maps manually when you have new pages introduced.

Don’t Clutter with graphics, Advertisement or animations

Overdose of graphics and animation can clutter your website, use them as require, sometimes graphical elements can disturb the navigation.

“I personally know many news website which clutter the site with too much of pop ups & roll over animation advertisement, and I now feel it is better to read newspaper.”

User Interface

User interface can increase or decrease the usability, buttons, dropdown list; menus help the visitors to gain proper information from your website. Bad User Interface can create a negative impact on your website.

Add taglines

Many website ignore adding tagline, although tagline plays an important role in understanding what your mission is, further it helps in creating a brand value of your company. Many a times with taglines visitor judge if it is beneficial to search more or not.


While sharing the URL of your website user can find trouble, therefore pay attention to permalinks. 

With the above tips I am sure you can increase the usability of your website. Remember gaining website traffic is easy task but observance the visitor stay long is important as it reduce the bounce rate and increase powerful rankings in search engines.