CRM For Small Businesses: What Can It Provide?

PostedOn: 2016-08-26 11:02:19

Customer relationship management (CRM) software isn’t just an obligation for large enterprises it can also make the difference between a victorious, flourishing small business and one that’s on its way out. From CRM’s powerful organization features to its time-saving automation solutions, there’s a lot that it can provide for small businesses. 

Far More Than A Spreadsheet

Are you tired of continually updating a spreadsheet and double-checking to ensure that it’s the most up-to-date file? Do you find yourself wishing that there was a better solution with more functions, such as performing bulk actions, bulk data imports, contact organization by group, software integrations, etc.? If so, CRM is the solution for you.

While expenses related to business software can be tough for many small businesses, it’s positively an investment with taking. High-functioning CRM software (hint: OnContact CRM) comes with a wide diversity of features to make the investment worthwhile, such as sales automation, marketing automation, QuickBooks integration, sales funnel visualization, and much more.

In the fight between CRM and Excel spreadsheets, there’s one clear winner. 

Organized Hub Of Customer Information

You’ll no longer have to worry about losing customer information or double-entry with a CRM. Since it holds and keeps organized all of your customer in sequence into one database, you’ll be able to easily pull reports, track customer information, and gain a more comprehensive and accurate view of your business’s unique sales pipeline.

More Effective Marketing

Having a CRM also gives you the occasion to be more focused and effective in your marketing efforts, through a data-driven approach. CRM will allow you to easily collect customer data and utilize it in your marketing tactics, whether that’s through email marketing, social media, your website, or another tool.

Specifically, some CRMs (hint: OnContact CRM) comes with marketing automation software included with the CRM purchase. Within this package, you’ll receive an email marketing designer, which will allow you to craft customized emails that can be targeted and segmented by groups within your CRM. You’ll also be able to track actions on your website through landing pages, as well as the emails that you send out to prospects and customers.

Helpful Automation

As a small business, you don’t have a ton of employees, and your company’s workload is often stretched out between handfuls of people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save time and energy by eliminating repetitive and unnecessary tasks that can easily be done by software? With CRM software, your small business can have automated processes in place to save your limited worker base time and energy that can be better spent in other areas of the business. By having more time to focus on other projects and tasks, you’ll be a more productive and efficient business.

Customer Acquisition And Retention

Acquiring and then retaining new prospects is a simpler process with a CRM. Since you’re a small business, it can be difficult to maintain communication with a number of different prospects. CRM software makes it easier for you to develop these associations that are so vital to a business’s sales success by automating and simplifying the process as you work with prospects through the sales pipeline. In addition, customers will acknowledge your imposing efforts in retaining their business and developing a healthy relationship.


Simply due to the ways in which information is shared across a centralized database, collaboration is at the forefront of CRM software. Rather than operating siloed departments within the same company with limited communication, you’ll be able to bring these unique groups of workers together to accomplish similar goals through the same software. 

For example: your sales department will be able to better collaborate with the finance department since the data will all be saved within one system. Sales and marketing will also be on the same page, as the integrated marketing automation software will push the two departments to collaborate through CRM.