If you are at the point where your company is in need of new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, then this is the post for you. There are many reasons for needing a new ERP the old one isn’t maximizing the companies perspective or was not at all fully implemented or used, there is no current ERP and one is wanted to handle growth, or for financial or practical concerns, a different software package would be a better fit. In all these cases, timing is an important factor so let’s take a look at why you should not wait to evaluate ERP solutions. 

The longer you wait for the more money it costs you.

This might sound contradictory, as an ERP is a significant speculation when you purchase and implement a new solution; however, one of the key reasons you purchase an ERP is for the long term ROI (return on investment). Given that reasoning, the longer you wait to get up and running on the next ERP software, the longer you wait to get the returns. In the meantime, you are suffering from a system that is not maximizing your processes and therefore, costing you money. Rather than spend money in that regard, it would be better to put it toward a more effective solution right away and reap the rewards later on.

As you put off the formal search, the frustration among employees’ builds.

Other than finances, another key reason for implementing a new ERP is its effectiveness in managing your company’s processes. Current employees using the system may be doing work that is cumbersome and difficult, whereas with a new system it would be far more efficient and automated, making their duties easier. When this is the case, aggravation builds. Employees can be forced to feel like the system is failing them and making their jobs more annoying and tiring as opposed to giving them a sense of accomplishment and productivity. This is not a good thing to have for morale and support; instead, bringing in a new system will provide them with a reason to be satisfied with their work.

The longer the wait, the more issues your company will have.

As you wait to get a new ERP, the company will continue to grow and advance. The last thing you would want to do is turn away business, get slower turnaround times, or lose business because your software cannot keep up with the demand. It is better to be prepared sooner rather than too late, so this is one way to ensure you never run into those problems. Along with that, you also waste time making changes and altering the current ERP or processes, which ends up resulting in a waste of time when the new ERP is in place.

As you wait to evaluate, you also wait to get the new ERP up and running.

Unfortunately, ERP software is not a plug and play solution. Even after you evaluate and make a decision, there are still months of installing and implementing the software and migrating your data and merging your processes with the system. So, on top of the wait to evaluate and purchase a new ERP, you are now waiting for double the time as you wait for the ERP to become fully functional.