15 Questions to conclude If You Need CRM

PostedOn: 2016-09-12 11:28:34

Quiz time! Answer each of the questions below with either a “YES” or an “NO.” 

1.      Are your employees communicating with potential clients consistently and effectively?

2.      Are you collecting customer data through landing pages on your website?

3.      Do you have the capability to generate reports on the health of your business?

4.      Have you avoided duplicate data entry in total in recent months?

5.      Do you know which members of your sales team are performing above and below expectations?

6.      Do you know which leads are being followed up on and by whom?

7.      Are you reporting key sales metrics in a streamlined and efficient way?

8.      Is your customer in turn accessible even when you’re traveling or simply out of the office?

9.      Is your customer contact information stored in a centralized way that is easily accessible to all employees, regardless of their department?

10.  If one of your employees left your company tomorrow, would you have information on their customer contacts and leads that they were working on without losing key data?

11.  Do you know how many sales you lost last quarter and why?

12.  Do you know how many customer service issues each of your customers have had in the past and the actions that were taken by your business to resolve them?

13.  Are you utilizing email marketing tactics that naturally pull key customer data?

14.  Do you know which of your marketing campaigns were most effective?

15.  Can you quickly track sales rep activities for specific customers and/or prospects?

Did you answer “NO” to any of these questions? Wishing you could’ve said “YES” instead? Well, you can, by implementing high-quality customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business. The benefits of utilizing a CRM solution are vast and impact not only the sales department but marketing, services, accounting, among others.

Get Started!

So you want to be able to answer “YES” to all of the questions above… it’s time to get started on searching for the perfect CRM software for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Implementing a new software platform, regardless of whether it’s CRM, ERP, or another tool, is always a major investment.
  • Bring influential individuals and key decision-makers into the equation. You’ll want differing opinions in regards to what your CRM software should provide, costs, etc.
  • Utilize a Request for Proposal (RFP) Document – a tool used to better understand your business’s unique needs, the offerings provided by a CRM vendor, overall costs, product requirements, and more.
  • Weigh your many options. It’s never a good idea to simply choose a solution without carefully weighing your concerns, asking questions, setting up a free trial or demo, truly immersing yourself in the software as much as possible and creating comparisons between various vendors to find the best product for your business.
  • Be patient. The implementation process will take time and a deep commitment from your entire business before you’re able to truly hone in on all of the CRM’s fantastic benefits.