Social Media world is multiplying every day with the loads of social media website providing different target group of audience. With the growth in Social media behavior traditional marketing and selling method is getting less attentiveness. One should remember that social media is not gaining loads of followers and fans but to engage them on your social media page with proper information. 

Also one should remember that Social media is not only about Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter, A true social media expert will explore variety of social media website to engage different groups with maximum effects on your branding, keeping in mind the proper engagement of your audience so they can provide more fans and business to your organization.

Following are the Top 5 ways to engage your Audience through Social Media.

1.Content is a King

This is not only applicable to blog writing but even for Social Media Marketing or networking. Check your content what you are posting and your group or fans who are following your pages or explanation. If your content is proper then sharing becomes easy.

2.Monotonous content

I have always seen that while sharing businesses only share content which is either related to their companies or products. Share content from other websites too to provide knowledge. Sharing only your website can reduce your fans and followers. You can even share content related some speech marks, Jokes as it increases the engagement.

3.Mix content  

Sharing only website links may not get the user engagement although it will make them move to the link which you shared. A mixed content sharing with a blend of Photos, videos, Website Articles & news can increase your fans engagement tremendously, Share photos related to your business, recent happenings and so on .

4.Ask Questions

This is one of the best methods to gain the user opinions and also helps you in creating the better marketing strategy. Engage your audience by asking different kinds of questions related to recent happenings or breaking news. Questions engage users in a discussion, a Facebook poll is another way which you can explore for asking questions.


Respond if someone asks question this way it shows that you listen to the views of your fans. 

Apart from that be active on Social media sites, low movement can reduce the followers and fans, you can hire a social media expert who can help you in keeping your social media pages alive with new posts and up-to-date information.