Profits enlargement is a most important target for any company. It`s true that with the current economic conditions most managers are trying to move towards reducing costs as much as possible, but this does not mean they have ignored the main goal, that is encouraging sales. 

The choice of an incorporated ERP system can make a payment considerably to improving the sales process of the company, increasing customer fulfillment and employee efficiency. All this will help you augment your income and everlastingly develop your business.

But how can you exactly increase sales with an ERP system?

1. Choose an online application

While for most departments the main purpose in using business software is to streamline internal workflows, sales movement is one that concerns the complete organization. An able sales succession involves the government of all departments in order to get the right answer and a higher reaction speed, aspects that make a payment to the common objective: higher income.

The online ERP system:

  • Facilitates communication between people, departments, and locations
  • Provides access to last-minute information and related performance indicators
  • Ensures the availability of real-time data about stocks, prices, customers and suppliers

2. Define and automatically apply commercial policies

A money-spinning sales process is about strapping relations with clients. Implementation of ingrained saleable policies ensures the satisfaction of your partners, and on the other hand, a better control of the cash flow in your company. The ERP system will provide:

  • Complex ways of surrendering discounts, depending on various criteria, such as product group, quantitative or value marketing limits customer types etc.
  • The ability to establish credit limits for each client, terms of payment and the opportunity to restrict sales to positive patrons
  • An automatic commercial policies retrieval system: mechanical calculation of prices depending on discounts, updating credit limits or inserting the term of payment.

3. Manage sales divisions

With the mounting product portfolio, it becomes impossible for a salesman to focus on the whole portfolio, so he might be tempted to focus on those products that sell without problems, or are having competitive recompense such as price or position in a specific market subdivision. In this case, it becomes essential to divide them according to certain criteria, to facilitate distribution of effort.  

With the ERP system:

  • You can section the sales force into divisions, each having allocated an evenhanded portfolio of products. Thus, one can remove the enticement to promote only products that are easy to sell
  • You can manage your marketable relationship with a partner, no matter that is held in one or more sales channels, on diverse ranges of products, dissimilar price lists or different payment terms

4. Implement an effective commissioning system

The motivation of the sales staff is tremendously beneficial: You can choose to implement bonuses / commissions systems, designed to boost sales.

  • The ERP system will help you set a clear policy of surrendering bonuses based on well-defined parameters, such as sales volume, distribution, the volume of receipts, payment terms etc.
  • Having available in ERP a complete picture about the sales activity, you can take into consideration all the aspects, such as the establishment of limits for granting discounts and penalty implementation, in case they are not respected
  • You have a full report on bonuses, extracted from the ERP system, that you can make available for agents too

5. Increase field teams efficiency

Direct selling is known as one of the most profitable forms of sale. Implementing an SFA solution integrated with the ERP system will help you get even more benefits from the field teams. 

  • Sales opportunities identified in the market can be quickly recorded in the SFA through customized questionnaires that are submitted to the head office in the shortest time so that the necessary procedures for their winning to be started
  • The system allows sales manager to define different mandatory activities for each client or group of clients, that can be easily tracked afterward, to make sure all the employees completed them
  • Users have direct access from their mobile device to promotion campaigns that are in progress as well as in sequence about new products or those on sale that they can present to clients during visits
  • Includes merchandising functionalities, ensuring the correct positioning of the products on the shelves. The mobile user can quickly check if the agreed methods of products settlement, available through SFA planograms, are respected
  • The SFA system is oriented toward objectives, this being an effective way to motivate employees and boost sales. Users have access to their own goals or the ones of their team, and thus know at any moment what effort must be submitted to achieve them