Managing a franchise is protracted, detailed work, but many managers and owners turn to business administration software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help them gain a benefit over their competitor. Many of the franchise companies that use ERP systems decide those that are cloud-based, allowing them to handle a larger volume of business transactions within their network. The many options available to franchise business owners support the unique needs that go together with several locations and a better volume of inventory, sales, and employees. Using an ERP solution, franchise owners have the potential to make stronger their business operations and so grow their business.

ERP software strengthens franchise business operations in many ways:  

  • Increased sales
  • Optimized Inventory
  • Improved promotion
  • Greater than before overall franchise performance

Increased Sales

The goal of trade is sales. Whether those sales are of a manufactured goods or a service, sales are the pouring force for business owners and operators. Without the tools they needed to monitor business operations, it’s not possible for owners and managers to preserve the lines of communication they need to keep sales growing. Using an ERP solution, business owners are improved able to check the information that directly affects sales, such as operating cost, inventory, and cash flow, and see coverage for each category for individual franchises and the business as a whole.

Optimized Inventory

Franchise business owners must be fully aware of where their account is at all times as well as the status of their supply. Being blindsided by a shortage or having poor selling products taking up space is not good for business. Using an ERP software solution, franchise business operations are optimized because purchase orders can be associated directly with the supplier and submitted based on the minimum and maximum levels that the franchise owner sets.

Improved Marketing

An ERP solution can help business owners improve their marketing, creating, adapting, and monitoring marketing campaigns in real time. If, after the campaign has been launched, the owner or managers want to change the marketing say, through improvements or updates or by tailoring it to new stats or guidelines it can be done easily again, in real time. In addition, marketing campaigns are easily shared throughout the whole franchise, from the head office to each department and to every franchise owner or manager, which allows campaigns to run smoothly and consistently.

Increased Overall Franchise Performance

In today’s age of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, the majority of software systems run in the cloud, allowing easier access and communication across all platforms. This instant connection means that issues, problems, and areas of concern can be addressed in a timelier manner. The need for on-site or in-person inspection decrease, offering a feeling of ease and “freedom” to franchise owners and operators.

Other Benefits

Other benefits that permit owners may find when using an ERP solution include: 

  • Employee management:
  • Simply communication with and between employees.
  • Decrease scheduling conflicts by allowing employees to set shift availability and trade shifts.
  • Decrease missed shifts by creating real-time updates.
  • Customer management:
  • Create customer leads.
  • Simplify communication with individual customers or a group.
  • Generate invoices based on customer information.
  • Gain an application for invoice payment. 

As a franchise owner, you have unique needs. Using an ERP solution, you’ll be better able to monitor, maintain, and strengthen your business operations, allowing you to accommodate all your business needs.