There have been a lot of ways that technology has impacted business in recent years. One of the biggest game changers has been cloud computing. 90 percent of companies use the cloud. The cloud isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a new hosting structural design philosophy that is changing how people use files and software on the internet. There are many great advantages to implementing the cloud for businesses both small and large. Here are five of the top benefits. 

1. Secure Hosting

One of the most common uses for the cloud in business is to host and backup data. Utilizing the cloud as opposed to local server space in your own amenities can have certain benefits. When you maintain your own servers, there’s always the possibility of something going wrong. If the servers get too hot, they could experience catastrophic failure. A simple bolt of lightning can even make the data stored within unrecoverable. 

Implementing a cloud host means you won’t have to worry so much about your own servers. It also goes beyond that. Cloud hosting architecture is designed in a way so that it’s very difficult to lose any information stored. The use of multiple resource redundancy means you have to initiate the deletion of files for them to be truly detached. The chances of it happening on accident are far less likely.

2. More Uptime 

Uptime for a website is crucial. If your services are down for even a few hours, it could lose you thousands of dollars. With how close margins are in today’s competitive markets, having good uptime from a webhost is crucial. Cloud hosting is designed with this in mind. Since the resources are shared between many different servers, you are assured to have tremendously high uptime. In fact, it’s often as high as 99.99 percent.

3. Vendor Maintained Software 

Cloud hosted software is one more choice often utilize by businesses. Using the cloud to power software eliminate some of the need to have IT professional on hand. All that is needed to run cloud powered software is an internet connection. The software is literally loaded through the internet. There is no need to install anything on your own machines. Everything is maintained on the vendor’s side. As such, it’s also the vendor’s responsibility to maintain the software and make sure everything keeps running correctly. You won’t need to spend money on your own in-house tech support with cloud powered software. 

4. Scalability  

Another great advantage of the cloud is scalability. This means that resources are allocated to a website or service hosted on the cloud based on need. In cloud networks, there is almost no limit for growth. As a cloud hosted website or service becomes more popular, it is simply given more space and bandwidth through the very flexible cloud server architecture. This is especially beneficial for companies with high growth potential. As a website becomes more popular, it won’t suddenly hit bandwidth limits and be made unavailable. The resources allotted to it will simply grow with the popularity of that website. Also, by using the cloud captioning is more readily such as Spanish captioning are more readily available, which, is another tool to increase growth and popularity for a company. 

5. Mobility  

As previously mentioned, all that’s needed to load cloud powered software is an internet connection. Since that is the case, you don’t have to be in the office to access cloud run applications. With the correct log-in credentials, you could do so from home, on the train or in the airport. This also allows you to access applications from nearly any platform including PC, laptop, Smartphone and tablet. 

If you like to get work done away from the office, this can be an excellent tool. It’s also great for business people that have to do a lot of travel. It also means you can hire employees that telecommute to help bring down costs. 

Overall, the cloud is a big deal. It has changed how businesses use website hosting, software, file backup and more. There are many benefits to utilizing cloud computing. Certainly consider whether or not taking advantage of the cloud could help your company.