Targeting Generation With CRM

PostedOn: 2017-02-07 11:10:49

If you’re in advertising or sales, you know how generational differences can impact your work. Millennials prefer one way of communication, while baby boomers appreciate another. What some might not understand is that customer relationship management (CRM) software can help. Below, learn about the many ways in which CRM assists with sales, marketing, and customer service in relation to millennials and baby boomers. 


It’s no secret: millennials are the talk of the town when it comes to workplace dynamics. It’s not that they’re necessarily new to the workforce (in most cases, it’s believed that millennials are those born after 1980), but that they’re taking over. In fact, they’ll take up more of the workforce than any other generation in the next 5-10 years. With that said, you need to know how to market to them, how to sell to them, and how to make them happy, repeat-purchase customers. One way to assist with this is CRM.


We know that you care about millennials and their participation with your business. But you need to make that clear to them, and what better way to do it than from side to side the personalization of marketing and communication. Use unique landing pages to lure millennials into knowledge more about a product. Or maybe cater an email that’s more tailored to someone of a younger age group, something you wouldn’t necessarily think about sending to a baby boomer. These are just a couple of general examples of the ways in which personalization can help you win over the young crowd.


Millennials are always occupied with brands. Just think about any major social media channel, and the point is made. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other channels, millennials are connected and ready to communicate with brands. This is also true with email marketing. OnContact CRM does a great job of utilizing helpful marketing functions to assist in your overall marketing initiatives. From our email design functionality to our landing page tracking features, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to reaching your millennial customers.

Baby Boomers

While the trend seems to be in catering specifically to millennials in marketing strategies (although this varies by industry, of course), it’s safe to say that baby boomers have an important role to play in sales. Did you know that baby boomers have more disposable income than any other generation? This fact alone should be enough to convince you of their importance. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why baby boomers and customer relationship management solutions go hand-in-hand.

Customer Service

If there’s one thing baby boomers value above all else when it comes to making purchases and investments, its customer service. As such, it’s crucial that customer experience is at the forefront of your marketing initiatives. CRM is great at helping out with this. By having an organized, centralized database of contact information, it’s simple to follow up with customers and understand their journey through the sales pipeline. Customer relationship management software can also be used by customer service and contact center departments that need to respond to customer complaints, questions, and concerns.

Focus on Email Marketing

It’s true that millennials are the generation of technology; it’s also true that baby boomers rely heavily on email to get news, newsletters, and more. For users of OnContact CRM, email marketing is available at their disposal, included with the purchase of the customer relationship management solution. With CRM, you’re able to store customer information, interactions, and more to help create a deeper understanding and relationship between customer and sales rep. Using this data, email marketing gives reps the ability to share information and communicate with customers in smarter ways, ways that will ensure that emails are opened and are optimized for success.