What Is ERP Software? An Introduction

PostedOn: 2017-02-09 13:33:07

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, refers to creating a more efficient, leaner, better-automated and integrated business through complicated technology solutions. The purpose of ERP software focuses on solving the issue of “silos” in enterprises.


More specifically, siloed business models relate to having discrete, uniquely-functioning departments across an entire company. The business that’s done in each department is enigmatic from the rest of the organization, and there’s no cross-departmental collaboration. This type of a business model often leads to jealousy between departments, confusion and lack of shared knowledge, and a general misunderstanding of company goals. In summary, it can be a disaster. This is where enterprise resource planning comes into the picture.

ERP software helps push departments that are currently siloed to better collaborate and have broader transparency across an enterprise. Enterprise resource planning solutions allow everyone to share the same data and be on the same page, so there’s less confusion cross-departmentally. Below are many of the features available to businesses looking to improve their manufacturing processes and overall business through an ERP solution?

Quality control

Have a need for fulfillment, regulatory assistance, and quality control facilitation? Erp offering  manufacturers peace of mind knowing that regulatory challenges and problems will be discovered earlier in the process, the amount of rework, returns, and complaints will be much lower, and be able to analyze in-depth developed processes to get a better understanding of what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved upon.


Looking to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks for your business’s accounting needs? Not a problem. Our ERP solution fully integrates with QuickBooks to give you a streamlined accounting experience. We also offer a highly-robust reporting functionality, accounts payable tools, cash flow reporting, job cost, payroll, fixed assets, accounts payable/receivable, and more.


Shop floor visibility is crucial to being productive and efficient from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the end. An emphasis on lean/Kanban, equipment maintenance automation and scheduling, and more. If you’re a manufacturing looking to enhance your production capabilities, ERP is a no-brainer.


As a manufacturer, it’s crucial that you’re maintaining the necessary inventory and replenishing only as needed. You need to be able to have strong visibility into your existing inventory, be able to forecast what’s expected down the line, control material flow in and out of your business, and have an efficient shipping system. ERP software touches on each of these facets in ways that make both you and your employees’ lives easier. For example, our enterprise resource planning solution integrates seamlessly with all major shipping carriers, including UPS and FedEx.

Sales and Customer Service

There’s no reason why your business should have an enterprise resource planning software solution in place without an integrated customer relationship management tool working by its side. Sales, marketing automation, and customer service tools should be working congruently with the rest of your business, specifically when it comes to your enterprise solution. When your ERP and CRM software solutions are fully integrated, employees across your business are able to access a plethora of information, from accounting and financial information to product order data, customer historical records, etc.