Many companies still lack a fast, competent method of feeding precise program data from marketing, infrastructure and incentive efforts into their CRM system. 

Incentive Solutions has now included a CRM integration characteristic into its incentive knowledge platform. This new capability allows companies to purify consumer, marketing and sales data to develop extremely customized incentives strategies. These can boost customer faithfulness and improve sales channel relationships.

The Atlanta-based company specializes in online rewards, travel incentives and gift card rewards. Since it was founded in 1994, it has focused on using emerging technologies to support innovation within the incentive industry.

“By integrating our incentive technology with CRM systems, a salesperson could submit a sales claim or other purchase documents to receive an incentive reward, and our CRM integration feeds that info right to the company’s CRM,” explains Nichole Gunn, director of marketing at inducement Solutions.

Clients of Incentive Solutions now have the ability to build a better, more accurate picture of their customers and their purchase history. This can extend to fine-tuning sales and marketing efforts from a one-stop shop of customer data.

Key Takeaways:

• Although digital and online tools to help businesses store and manage data aren’t new, many companies, particularly B2B with multifaceted sales channels, still fail to make the most of this data.

• By connecting incentive programs to CRM systems, companies can collect sales, update customer profiles, manage and view leader board data and develop winning sales promotion, backed up by CRM data.

• Tying data to outcomes is crucial, and can be achieved by synching incentive technology more closely to sales and marketing goals.