Ten Policies For Social Media Posts

PostedOn: 2017-03-01 15:25:25

As social media becomes a more central part of CRM, the ability to produce good posts for web sites, blogs, tweets and such becomes a more important skill.  

An active being there on common media helps built gratitude and fills the sales funnel with possible customers. Successful social media posts create value for your followers, cheering them to stay with you and building loyalty and trust. Here is some strategy for posting to social media:  

1) Be Expensive

Your spectators have to get amazing out of your posts or they won't keep coming back. Aim at sharing information or investigation with your readers which will assist or entertain them.  

2) Be Interesting

Monotony is death on the internet. Your posts should be stuff your audience likes to read.  

3) Be Bold

Take a stand on an issue and share materials that support your position. Not everyone will agree with you and that's fine. Just make sure to provide supporting evidence in the form of quotes, URLs, etc.  

4) Be Brief

Long-windedness is deadly on the web. Say what you have to say as economically as possible. Remember most of your audience won't stick with you if you're not brief. 

5) Acknowledge Sources

This accomplishes two things. First, it is simple politeness to say where you got the information you're passing on. Second, sources help support your argument.

6) Images are good.

Social media is intrinsically visual. Graphics, images and videos not only make your posts more interesting, they make them stronger as well. 

7) Systematize Your Material

Social media audiences want their in sequence broken into bite-sized chunks. Use bullet points and sub-heads to divide your posts into easy to scan sections. 

Although we talk about “reading” posts on social media, the truth is that very few people actually read them. Instead they scan quickly. They don't want to get bogged down in long posts, long paragraphs or multiple pages. Present your information in easy to digest sections.  

8) Use Interesting Headlines

A punchy headline is a must for a successful social media post that's longer than a tweet. Ideal heads should be short, positive and call for action. Lists of numbers are good. So are heads like “user's guide to”, “what to look for in”, “5 things you don't want to do when” reads like this promise the readers information the can use, or will at least find interesting. Just make sure you deliver.  

9) Use Hash tags

Try to include at least two or three hashtags in every post. It will make your posts easier to find and raise visibility on the web.  

10) Be Active

Set up and maintain a schedule of posts in all your social media channels of at least several posts per day.  

This is hard to do if you insist on creating everything you post. Most active social media mavens cross post items from other sources (with appropriate credit) to generate interests and keep the numbers up.  

Work out your schedule of posts several days in advance and don't wait until the last minute to create your social media posts.