An intelligent CRM can add to your sales with no inflating your marketing monetary plan. It does so by focusing on achieve a higher conversion rate as an alternative of getting more leads. This happens as the AI platform behind your CRM makes it easy to build true one-on-one relationships with your potential customers.

What Results Can You Expect?

You'll get the results every B2C dealer desires. However, with an intelligent CRM, the processes are done for you. This means three things:

1. You spend less time and cash to get the same results.

2. Your conversion rate on current leads improves.

3. You can justify scaling your lead-generation efforts.  

Normally, it would take an agency by your side to make this magic happen. Now, even small trade owners have enough insights to make educated judgments.

How AI-Powered CRMs Boost Conversions 

For years, marketers would try to read, sort and analyze their data in more effective ways. However, that's all a part of the past. Today's intelligent CRM software options cut the guess work out by using AI superpowers to choose the most appropriate models. This means you'll be able to identify where leads drop off and how you should engage with each sales channel. As a result, all your B2C marketing efforts can now go toward high-value conversion optimizations.

Responses and Response Timing 

Response timing is everything when attempting to satisfy and sustain a customer base. 

You don't just want to offer customers 24/7 support; you want your models to carry out in real-time. There's a marvelous amount of data that gets stored in the cloud. When the timing is triggered by many potential events in your ERP system, the appropriate message will send.

Once a shipment arrives at a customer's house, you could even send an automated, "Thank you!" email. However, you can also do much more here, such as upsell an accessory or create a viral buzz.

Personalized Recommendations to Sell Better

You pay for ads for your e-commerce store, but what intelligence goes into them? With AI data collection, it's possible to give personalized recommendations based on individual user behavior.

This is the truest sense of one-on-one B2C marketing. It's what every professional sets out to achieve. Except with intelligent customer relationship managing, you can automate the processes, which saves time and money.

Think about when you're on Facebook. The ads you see are often products you recently looked at. It's annoying when your kids catch hints of their Christmas gifts, but it can be a game-changer at the end of a B2C cycle.

Bring Big Changes, Without the Risks

You have calculated information that accounts for the difference caused by your marketing strategy changes. This means you can see what effect comes out of every iteration of your advertising and marketing campaign.

You can always make small tweaks and hope your conversion rate will increase. This may mean more sales for your business. However, without an AI-powered CRM helping you, it's more of a guessing game as to how each set of leads will perform.


Intelligent CRM software will work dynamically with the rest of your ERP system. The result is a more custom one-on-one B2C marketing model. You'll have less drop off, a stronger conversation rate and a higher advertising ROI.

You can capture the good and downplay the bad. With an intelligent CRM, you'll no longer struggle to sustain a profitable B2C model. In turn, you're in a safer position to scale your business up without creating points of failure