CRM For A Mounting Industry

PostedOn: 2017-03-07 12:20:45

A growing production needs a scalable solution to meet sales, marketing, and customer service demands. Let’s take a look at how customer relationship management software, specifically OnContact CRM, works to assist in your business growth.



Growing businesses demand a non-siloed business structure, especially when it comes to sales, marketing, and purchaser service. To bring these departments closer, consider customer relationship management software. OnContact provides powerful features for each of these departments to hone in on, and ensures that all data within the CRM is shared between everyone. Data is real-time; ensuring the data you’re utilizing is accurate and updated. OnContact is truly an automation explanation designed knowing that teams of all shapes and sizes will be utilizing its features.


Speaking of customer service, did you know that OnContact comes out-of-the-box with a fully-featured Contact Center software solution? It’s housed within CRM but functions as powerfully as anything else on the market, ensuring your sales reps and customer service reps are building relationships, responding to anxiety promptly, and owning the customer experience. By doing so, they’ll be imminent your business one step further toward growth.

More data, better decisions

Business growth means making projections based on data. Without a CRM, it’s a challenge. With a CRM, it’s a piece of cake. OnContact’s user-friendly reporting and dashboard tools make it easy for users of all skill levels to analyze and export data for whatever their needs. With data being so accessible, it’ll be that much easier to create forecasts and make better business decisions to grow your company.

Better sales management

Imagine having total visibility into the progress of your sales reps and their opportunities and prospects… oh wait, that’s actually a reality with OnContact. Our CRM solution recognizes the sales manager’s need for greater sympathetic into productivity and efficiency on their team. We also recognized that managers want to know more about the sales pipeline and prospects because they want to assist their team in closing more sales. That’s why we have so many features in OnContact which allow for visibility into progress metrics, the sales pipeline, and much more.


Company growth isn’t all about gaining new customers. It’s also just as importantly about retention and keeping the customers you already have engaged and back to buy more. This is at the heart of customer relationship management software: building powerful, lasting customer relationships. While you certainly can’t make a customer stay with you just by utilizing a CRM, you’ll have way more opportunities to stay in touch and keep them around.

Grow with on-premise

If you want a customer relationship management solution that’ll be able to scale with you while you’re busy expanding, look no further than an on-premise solution. Unlike a cloud-based CRM system, which works as a monthly per-user fee, on-premise is priced as a one-time licensing fee with maintenance. The number of users on an on-premise system won’t have an impact on the price you’re going to be paying. You’ll also get a powerful solution housed by your own IT specialists, all of our great software features, the support of the totally awesome OnContact support staff, our free online resources, and so much more.