You’ve recognized your targets, you’ve created an email marketing strategy, and now you’re ready to start actually designing your emails. Before you get too far along, there are a number of things to consider. Take a look at what you need to know below: 

Focus first and foremost on the content

Starting off with the #1 most important thing to remember when designing emails: content is key. While images and other beautification tactics are great and can add a lot to an email, it’s vital that you focus on the messaging and content within the email. Everything else should be secondary.

Clarity is crucial

Even if you neglect to use any imagery in your email, focusing in on one topic and being clear in your approach will help your email marketing campaign be a success.

Avoid being seen as spammy

Make sure that the way in which you’re designing your emails can’t be detected as spam, and comes across as natural and interesting. Additionally, avoid using misleading information anywhere in the email, such as the header, reply address, subject line, or images.

Unsubscribe link is a must

If you’re mailing out to a list of subscribed recipients, it’s an absolute must for you to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom. There’s no reason why your recipients shouldn’t be able to opt out of receiving your emails, and it can cost you.

Include a physical address

Ensure that your emails always include a physical address in the footer. This is in accordance with anti-spam legislation that was passed in 2004 to limit the amount of spam that’s delivered.

Keep it narrow

Your email with should, if possible, be kept under 600px. Most people have a very narrow preview of emails, and you’ll want to make sure that you content is being seen fully. In addition, more narrow emails come across better for email recipients that utilize a mobile device or tablet.

Simplicity is key

Try to keep your design as simple and straightforward as possible. Single column layouts usually work best – they are the most versatile, and they are easier to view on mobile devices. Try not to use too many images, because images tend to slow down how quickly your email can load. Again, focus on the content that you’re creating.

Don’t go font-crazy

Keep your font selection tamed and to a minimum. In general, we recommend only using one font for headlines, and one font for body copy. That’s all you need.

Another tip is to avoid using downloadable web fonts – they won’t show up in most cases. Instead, rely on your system fonts when designing emails. If you’re using CRM’s email designer, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of pre-selected web fonts that are proven to work well in all web environments.

Avoid advanced coding

Stay away from CSS and other modern coding techniques. Instead, use tables and columns to adjust your layout. If you’re using CRM you won’t have to worry about this. Our email template designer automatically converts your emails into a very compatible form of HTML.