CRM Software For The Legal Industry

PostedOn: 2017-08-18 13:26:31

Law firms deal with a wide variety of clientele, so it’s only natural that they’ll eventually have to look for a more organized solution than spreadsheets. Thus, customer relationship management (CRM) software. Through using an automation solution, attorneys will have helpful tools and resources in the realms of sales, marketing, and customer service. Below, we’ll dive into more details on how this software solution can revolutionize a law practice and increase lead generation. 

Clear communications

As an attorney, it’s your job to communicate with your individual and corporate clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, about any progress that’s being made on a case, and about any legal notices received by the law firm. With an Excel spreadsheet as your only tool to rely on, this can be incredibly challenging, especially if you have a major workload.

With a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, communication gets a whole lot easier. With a centralized database of client information at your disposal, communicating is a simple process. And with marketing automation tools, you’ll be equipped with email marketing features like email designer and automation to streamline your communications processes and improve open-rates.

Maintain records

In some cases, you’re not the only attorney to be working with a particular law firm. Often, multiple partners/lawyers are needed to work on cases simultaneously. With a customer relationship management solution, this scenario can be managed without the challenge of duplicate data entry and duplicate emails. Your attorneys will no longer have to coordinate who’s going to contact the customer and what data they’re going to enter into the centralized database. The CRM solution will automatically de-duplicate any data entered, you’ll be able to track the emails being sent to contacts.

Workflow automation

Make your life a little bit easier, and save time for tasks that are of the utmost importance. With a customer relationship management solution, you’ll be able to reduce the training time of newly-hired employees by creating automated workflows right in the software. By establishing simple workflows, the software can alert you and your users when something needs to be completed, such as following up with a client. In addition, you’ll be able to track everything going on in the realm of sales, marketing, and customer service, both on an employee level and from the perspective of a manager.

Client retention

Your clients need to be able to reach you at all times of the day, and it’s your job to be as responsive as possible. Client retention and communication is crucial to getting a positive referral for your law firm. CRM software makes this a simpler process by ensuring you’re responding to emails in a timely manner, that you have any and all client data stored in a secure and easily-accessible database, and you’re able to build attractive emails to connect with clients and build relationships. These tools are simply not possible when you’re only relying on a spreadsheet of data.