Hands down, Google traffic is the #1 traffic source for any website. Why? You get A TON of traffic by following the right SEO strategies that too mostly for free. 

But increasing your search engine traffic is a lot hard. There’s a quick way though! Getting Google Sitelinks.

Are you looking for best practices of quickly getting Google site links for your sites? Want to get Google sitelinks for WordPress sites without much hassle? If yes, this detailed Google sitelinks tutorial is exclusively for you.

How many of you have observed the latest Google “search in sitelinks” bowix? Google used to show this type of search results only for most popular websites like YouTube etc but now a lot morepl other sites are also getting this feature.

Basically, the use of search in sitelinks is that your visitors don’t need to enter your website to perform various actions but they can directly perform the search process from the Google search box itself. Thus it removes a step of the search process and it provides better user experience. Getting Google sitelinks for WordPress sites is really easy!

Important Note: Google will only display your sitelinks if it thinks if few of your pages are useful to the search users. So only the most popular pages (that are frequently linked to or visited by most users) will be get displayed in Google sitelinks.

You may ask, what are Google sitelinks and how do I get benefited from them.

Now you got an idea? These Google sitelinks are simply Google subheadings of any website that are shown in Google search results.

It’s been years since Bloggers Passion had been awarded by Google sitelinks. I was really happy on seeing Google site links for my blog when I first got them. I was able to know about them from my Google webmasters tool account here.

Benefits (Advantages) Of Getting Google SiteLinks For Your Site

Speaking of plus points of sitelinks in search result pages, I’d say they are to add more authority to your site, improves the richer experience to your visitors and more click-through rates to your pages. But, there are still many more advantages sitelinks  that I will discuss below:

1) Richer Visitor Experience:

Since sitelinks provide better options for searchers they are bound to increase visitor experience. Anyone wanting to know about the “university” of QuickSprout and not remembering what to search for it might get lost in the search results. However, sitelinks having the option for visitors to directly click on “university” link and also to see other potential links they might be interested in will get more clicks for QuickSprout.

2)More Click Through Rates = More Traffic

Now since the visitor has more options to choose from regarding the search query  (brand name) he is bound to click on them and this results in more CTR and hence more traffic.

3) More Authority (Sitelinks Have Positive Effect On Authority)

Sitelinks are often awarded to sites that have quality content, a good number of branded searches, their site hierarchy is well-structured. This proves that anyone having a large number of sitelinks is bound to have a good website in the eyes of Google and this displays the authority you have in the niche.

4) It Moves Down Negative SEO Results From Search Pages:

When you have something like 2-3 sitelinks for your query, the bottom results get pushed further below that means you can get rid of negative PR with this trick.