Whats New in ERP?

PostedOn: 2017-11-03 10:28:07

On their website, Oracle suggests that only cloud-based ERP can take full advantage of the digital landscape that represents today’s economy. Most successful modern enterprise management systems, like Oracle’s, have also been designed to integrate with both mobile and social platforms. In addition, a growing number of providers are offering industry-specific versions of their enterprise solutions, tailored to the needs of particular business sectors. 

Oracle NetSuite, one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based ERP, has announced an array of new product enhancements that include industry-specific features and functionalities. Oracle has also released a new version of their powerful customer engagement product, Suite Success, tailored just for nonprofits, as well as several new industry-specific systems designed for manufacturers. One new quality management feature enables companies to define their own product inspection parameters, so if a product fails one of the tests, corrective actions can be initiated automatically. 

Net Suite also announced the general availability of Suite People, their unified cloud core HR offering, and the only cloud ERP suite providing businesses with a single platform that can manage mission-critical business processes across their ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

SAP Real-Time Analytics Hits the Tennis Court 

SAP has always been at the forefront of digital innovation in modern business systems. In June SAP opened their first SAP Leonardo Center, designed as a client resource to accelerate digital innovation. One of the key elements of SAP’s success is the power of their business intelligence and analytics solutions, solutions that can deliver fast, accurate, real-time insights across an enterprise. 

But if you think that SAP is just about making better business decisions, consider the latest use of their powerful analytics algorithms – on the tennis court. SAP and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have just introduced a new portal that will provide real-time tennis analytics for media coverage during WTA tournaments. 

SAP Tennis Analytics for media applies SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities and SAP Predictive Analytics software to deliver deeper analysis and insights based on both historical and live data. SAP Tennis Analytics can provide media broadcasters with instant side-by-side player statistics, including tournament and career comparisons, in real-time during live matches. SAP Tennis Analytics for media will be available exclusively for the credentialed media at the start of the 2018 WTA tour. The portal can be accessed across devices - including mobile phones and tablets - so journalists can view the data from anywhere. 

An Uber for Shipping Beer 

Anheuser-Busch has been brewing world-class beers for more than 160 years. Still one of the most successful brewers in America, the company recently made a decision to implement what is billed as a technology-based trucking solution from Convoy, the leading tech-enabled trucking service. In a model reminiscent of Uber and Lyft, rather than running their own fleet of trucks, Anheuser-Busch will call Convoy to book a truck when a shipment needs to go out. 

Convoy has a mounting network of technology-connected carriers across all of the major freight hubs in the United States. Convoy now represents more than 10,000 trucking companies. By using modern GPS tracking technology, and a solid enterprise management system, Convoy can match available independent trucking agencies with Anheuser-Busch shipping locations that have to move freight. Convoy then dispatches the trucks that are needed, and Convoy clients can follow the trucks carrying their shipments with real-time freight tracking systems, and like Uber, the payment process is automated. I guess tipping is extra.