It’s been an enormous amount of work across several business-critical work streams, all flying out into the opening in September,“We built the entire systems infrastructure, all the business processes, developed all the supply chain relationships, brought the stock in, raised the branch a brand new format [on] a 60,000-square-foot site  and we’ve done all of that on time, on schedule.”

With its unique take on how to be a single, real-time view of all customer records, stock records and transaction data to maintain transparency and ensure on-demand fulfillment

“At the heart of it was mastering all the data,“It was having all the information in one place so we could guarantee consistent range and service. Once we had a system that could hold all that information centrally and was configurable enough, we then built a scheduled delivery model.”

Builders stocking up for a project can go online to tell BUILT/ what they need and arrange a time to pick everything up at once, or arrange a specific hour for everything to be delivered. Alternatively, they can drive in to a BUILT/ location to discuss their needs with an on-site clerk, who checks inventory on a tablet, identifies what’s in-stock, and has the materials assembled and ready for pick-up in a few minutes.

After just a few weeks in operation, BUILT/ is preparing to open its second and third “drive-through” locations. Scalability has been critical.

“It was really the single source of all the data that was important, so that we could design customer journeys that suited our target audience. But then also the degree to which NetSuite is adaptable, extendable and flexible allows us options today to enhance the customer journey in the right way but also many options in the future.”

Without ERP from the start, BUILT/’s founders couldn’t have brought their ideas into the real world.

“Everything was on paper just six months ago, We’ve physically been able to manifest all the systems, the business processes, the format and the supply chain. It’s really just the start of the journey.” 

Key Takeaways

  • ERP streamlines what it means to build a business from scratch. 
  • Integrating ERP from the first days in business creates a unique value web. 
  • The power of ERP can make new business models possible.