PostedOn: 2017-12-14 11:27:38

Marketing to your customer base can be done in a number of ways. Cold calls have been on the decline, since customers do not like being contacted in that way, which has led many companies to reach out through social media. The beauty of CRM is that marketing campaigns have never been easier to complete. By knowing your customers information, including their name, phone number, social media activity and other forms of communication, this software allows you to get to know your clients personally. Another form of marketing that is pretty standard at this point? Email campaigns, which is what today’s blog post will be about: how to use customer relationship management software to create email campaigns.

How CRM Helps with Email Campaigns Works

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you know that customer relationship management is a software designed to manage your daily activities between a business and its customers.  As we mentioned in the intro, the software contains information that can help you accomplish two things, learning about your customer and learning how to best marketing toward your base.

When discussing email campaigning, having the customer relationship software allows you a catalog of the company to customer communication to view, which can be very helpful. Taking that information out of the CRM software, you know what your customers are most interested in so it allows you to create specific email campaigns to help market them.

How to Make It Work

Even with customer relationship management software to assist with email marketing, there are still ways to create ineffective campaigns which is something that you want to avoid. Keeping in mind that marketing is not a one size fits all deal, successful campaigns appeal to your audience. Personalization with CRM help you to curate one of a kind campaigns.

Segmentation is the process of dividing existing and potential customers into subgroups based on shared interests. Using segmentation allows you to zone in on your customer’s specific interests in an effort to develop campaigns catered toward them.

Benefits to Using CRM to Send out Email Campaigns

  • Improve Visibility – Marketing on multiple platforms increases visibility because you are (potentially) reaching a different audience with each channel. With email campaigning specifically, you are going directly to the source which is your customer’s inbox. Being able to access them through social media as well as through email continues to push your message through to a customer.
  • Up to Date Data – With CRM and other emailing tools, you are able to gain information on your email campaign’s performance. How many people have opened company emails? Did anyone subscribe? This time of information is crucial so that you can continue to build on your success or make much-needed changes.
  • Targeted Campaigning – Knowing data such as which emails customers opened and ones they ignored, can help you curate more specific campaigns to market toward your audience. Knowing what they are most interested in, what they don’t care to see and how often they want to see it, can also lead to more personalized emails and fewer customers unsubscribing.

Utilizing CRM when designing email campaigns can be incredibly helpful for a business looking to increase its customer base and revenue. Having access to information about your customer base will also do more than just increase your base, it will also give a sense of familiarity and make your customers feel like they are truly important to the businesses that they support.