PostedOn: 2017-12-19 11:37:28

In all areas of our lives, we may struggle with creating enough time to get simple and more complex tasks done. In workplaces across the globe, trying to find enough time in the day to complete tasks and meet deadlines is a universal issue that many employees face. Customer relationship management software does more than managing the communications between a business and its customer base, it’s also a lifesaver with time management. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about time management and the ways in which CRM software can help you focus on the clock and be more productive at work.

Team Calendar

One of the most important factors of time management is staying organized, which is what a calendar and schedule can assist with. Having calendars within specific departments helps to better plan meetings, know what everyone will be doing and makes for a more organized flow amongst your department. Many systems also offer synchronization with Outlook.

There is also the option for a master calendar, which allows for everyone within a company using CRM software to have access and stay connected with their co-workers’ schedule. Changing the scheduled time for a meeting or add a new meeting which will be seen by everyone who has access to the calendar. It makes for more organization and an open line of communication.

Having a calendar, especially one that syncs between all CRM users, lets you know who is doing what and what actions are left to do. Having knowledge of everyone’s calendar, also lets you know when specific coworkers are busy and have an open schedule.

Check Contact Status and Receive Reports

Customer relationship management software gives you the ability to keep track of your contacts your company has with prospects and customers. It also allows this type of information to be shared between multiple business departments, factoring out the need for meetings. It allows you to spend more time on your work, with a full knowledge of what’s going on.

CRM software tells you when someone was contacted and when, but it also goes a step further and makes notes of previous communications with those contacts.

Automated Tasks

Using emails to follow up on leads and appointments with customers is something very common that salespeople do. However, in order to better manage and even save time, you can automate messages. Sending messages out on a schedule to a group of people all at once, so that you won’t have to take the time to craft individual messages can and does save for much additional time. Freeing yourself of this tasks, allows you to work on projects that require much more of your time.

When working, you always want to make sure that you are organizing your time for every single task that much be completed throughout the day. One, of many, beneficial factors of CRM software are its many features which allow the system to do the work and you the freedom to get other major tasks under control.