Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools of 2017

PostedOn: 2017-12-22 12:18:16

Business intelligence tools belong to technology, applications, and practices for the purpose of integration, analysis of the organization's raw data. BI is for plenty of disciplines such as data mining, digital analytical processing and queries, and reporting. Following are 5 of the top tools of Business intelligence of 2017. 

1) Dundas: 

It is actually a browser-based business intelligence tool, which is very handy for data visualization along with the integrated control panel, reporting tools, and data analytics. The Dundas business intelligence tool is from Dundas data visualization. It empowers users the capacity to make interactive, customizable control panels, creating own reports, runs ephemeral quires and analyzing toiled on data and performance measures.   

It is very flexible and allows users to equate and integrate the data source in exact time, on the particular device. Having the touch based system and rapid responsive design; its users enable to create control panels and reports on any gadget from desktop to mobile. 

2) IntelliFront BI:

Which allow users to view their multiple data fixed at one place. The tool provides users a real time control panel along with demanded reporting. The software IntelliFront BI allows users to have access to business automation, report list, and data subscriptions.   

The software provides its users to have the supremacy of choosing output formats, report targets and making custom actions. The software also provides users for dumping four reports at the same time along keeping the duplication of each exported report. 

3) Domo:   

The Domo software is totally based on business managing tools that integrate with the plenty of data sources, with the addition of spreadsheets, databases, digital media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder and others and existing cloud-related or on-premise software solutions. The software is very reliable and trustworthy for small scaled businesses to large scale businesses, and the Domo software has the compatibility with the windows and, Mac platforms along with the IPad's tablets and also with the smartphone devices. 

4) Style Intelligence:  

The Style Intelligence software is related to the business intelligence, which empowers users to make control panels, visual display, and reports through data mashup engine.  Style Intelligence is a stand, which integrated data along with precise plenty of sources. These sources include OLAP servers, ERP apps web-services and rational control panel and spreadsheets.  The software is enabling to features InetSoft proprietary Data block technology, which allows users to data mashups to happen within accurate time. 

5) Looker:   

The Looker software empowers business teams and companies an ability to analyze supply chains, market digitally, quantifies customer worth, acknowledge the customer likes and dislikes, and analyzing the distribution method. The software is fully functioned within the database, so that’s why the exploration and hurdles are infinite. The software doesn’t open on ETL, mediator storage, or cubing of data. The users have the power to view the source in order to understand how the data is being formed.