8 Unique Applications of Cloud Computing

PostedOn: 2017-12-27 11:13:56

Free storage, web hosting, business management applications there’s little that hasn’t been thought of when it comes to the cloud. The internet has been flooded with cloud infrastructure providers and data backup solutions. There are now many other applications of cloud computing you may not even know about.

Sharing Writing 

Not everyone needs a high volume blog. There are now many cloud applications where you can share written work.The interface is plain and blue, and you work is saved automatically. If you want to write and save documents in the cloud, Google Docs is a safe bet as well and supports text documents and spreadsheets. 


Cloud printing has become very economical. Google has created a version of Chrome that supports remote printing. There are paid programs such as Pogoplug, while many are using the familiar Dropbox as a cloud-based printing option. Hence you have various options for your business to benefit from remote printing on a budget. 

Resume Updates 

Companies are increasingly using the cloud to build resume databases. The cloud can be used to store and organize resumes. LinkedIn, for example, has created a system for collecting a user’s information and aggregating it into an up-to-date resume in its system. Another neat tool is RezScore. Individuals can have their resume analyzed with advice on potential improvements. 

Make Your Own Social Network 

Team communication and collaboration are nothing new to the business. Cloud computingapps are enabling people to communicate better and more efficiently. One example is Teambox, where you can track projects, tasks, and schedules. The project management app allows users to create a private social network. This gives teams an edge on having a simple, secure system to discuss and keep track of projects.

Manage Your Online Presence 

Online reputation management is now important for companies and people. Perhaps there’s no better way to track all of your social interactions online than through the cloud. There are tools to generate statistics on Twitter interactions to those that track what Facebook publishes about your posts and friends online. ThinkUp captures social interactions, posts, replies, retweets, and more. Social data are kept in a database you can search, filter, and visualize. 


A Web page, directory, or bidding/proposal site can be used to communicate with prospective clients. These cloud options allow you to bid remotely and even edit proposals during the process. 

Tech Support 

Remote support tools are leveraging the cloud and serving businesses on both sides of the coin. Your company can find solutions for network issues while computer support services are relying almost solely on the cloud to serve their customers. A technician can access your desktops or mobile computers from anywhere. Just by controlling the machine, they can find quick solutions and get your system running again in no time. 

Multi-Lingual Communications 

Innovative cloud solutions are able to translate speech just about as well as text. If you’re doing business with a foreign entity, this is an invaluable function. The technology is quickly evolving. Currently IBM’s Watson Language Translation service is able to translate content, chat sessions, and news among users. The Google Cloud Platform is able to translate documents into dozens of languages for a fee.