While deploying a new enterprise resource planning system can be grueling, the real challenges begin in ensuring the security of your company’s data, network, and ERP functionality. 

Now a new cybersecurity platform from ERPScan of Palo Alto, California, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity package for SAP users. 

The platform is designed to align ERP security with global cyber security trends and threats as detected by ERPScan’s analysts. It takes a three-pronged approach to ensuring SAP security, focusing first on threats and anomaly detection before moving on to integrate all security areas including platform security, code security and segregation of duties. The third branch of this approach is built on the cybersecurity requirements outlined by Gartner’s  predict, prevent, detect and respond” framework for enterprise cybersecurity. 

We spent the last two years developing a solution that would be able not only to cover all areas of SAP cybersecurity but also be intuitive by adding machine learning and adaptive interfaces. 

With cyber attacks looming, enterprises must go beyond simply detecting and patching vulnerabilities. Instead, it is crucial to detect any potential attacks or malicious user behavior before they escalate. 

The new engine learns normal user behavior in SAP systems, assesses profiles and user activities and reports if the number of suspicious events goes beyond a designated threshold. 

Also user-friendly, the monitoring module provides dashboards for particular roles to give maximum protection with less effort. 

ERP Scan cybersecurity platform introduces important new features to SAP security. Its deep learning engine can detect threats and anomalies both internally and externally, while simultaneously gathering enough intelligence to present each user with a specific interface and set of functions based on his or her role within the organization. 

If an attacker does gain access to the system, ERP Scan’s built-in artificial intelligence can analyze his digital behavior and set up new blocks to protect key areas from invasion. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Through 2022, AI will be a major battleground for technology leadership, Ga Gartner predicted in its Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies, 2017 report. 
  • Don’t forget to factor in cybersecurity when deploying ERP. 
  • AI and machine learning can make cybersecurity relatively painless by assessing typical use patterns and presenting an appropriate, limited interface. 
  • Cybersecurity should go beyond patching vulnerabilities to neutralizing attackers if they gain entry to the system.