PostedOn: 2018-01-11 11:15:22

Now that we are in a new year, we all tend to do away with old habits in search of something new to practice. In the world of technology as we search for those practices, trends begin to surface which forces businesses to take a look at what they can potentially incorporate into their business models. With the rise and power of social media and digital marketing, countless amounts of companies are shifting their focus to the digital world searching for ways to create, build and maintain their audience through online marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at email marketing trends for this new year and how, with the help of CRM, these trends could potentially become long standing, marketing practices for businesses across all industries.

1: Mobile Focused Marketing

According to Litmus email analytics, 54% of emails are opened through mobile phones versus computers. With the percentage being on the side of mobile phones, it only makes sense that email marketing could potentially become geared en route for mobile design. Aside from the overall design of an email appropriate more mobile friendly, we may begin to see email subscription forms take on a mobile mean as well. In 2018, expect to see businesses focusing on giving a stronger marketing experience to mobile users, since most of their base now communicates and even works from the devices that sit directly in the palm of their hands.

2: Interactive Emails

It is always great to limit the amount of text seen in marketing, keeping it to specific keywords meant to capture your audience’s attention. But with an emails written content, it’s important to add additional content to the email to creatively get the message across. This is where many emails are early to become interactive, including images which are just as important as keywords. In addition to images look forward to to see gifs, surveys, buttons and even quizzes placed into emails. These types of emails may see an uptick in responses because it is different than your standard email which can enact intrigue, it invites subscribers to engage with the company who sends them and it brings the written comfortable to life with images and colors.

3: AI Powered Emails

AI, also known as artificial brains, have companies investing millions of dollars in hopes that it moves from a trend to a longtime mainstay, making everyday lives easier to manage. How does artificial intelligence play into email marketing? Machine learning will make marketing through email easier because it suggests ways to segment email lists, integrate invention recommendations and sends personalized emails meant to target specific individuals. Artificial intelligence also suggests to users the best subject lines for emails and images that can best be used in promotional emails. AI acts as an additional brain, making your job easier and your marketing much more effective by focusing on details that may be the different in a successful or flawed marketing campaign.

How CRM Can Assist with Email Marketing Trends

CRM marketing makes use of the customer relationship management software by providing more personalized, useful marketing with current and prospective clients based on information within the system about those customers. Knowing their social media habits, email and telephone conversations with a company and even their purchase history goes a long way when marketing. When it comes to the trends formerly mentioned in this blog, knowing specific information allows for companies to create interactive and mobile based emails that suit their customer’s interests. This can create opportunities for an increase in sales and website visits.

These are just three out of loads of trends that email marketers may be trying out for the New Year. The great thing about trends is that while some may not last, it never hurts to try because your business could see a boost simply because you dared to be on the cutting edge.