PostedOn: 2018-01-12 11:22:05

We talked about the advantages small business experience when using customer relationship management software. One of those return is developing customer specific marketing campaigns. As we all know, marketing is one of the most crucial components in developing and maintaining customers and with targeted marketing, the outcome can go in a few different directions.

When business marketing is effective, your campaigns are sure to provide a positive uptick in business.  However, when marketing doesn’t work it can become a nuisance to your customers. Think about the times we sign up for promotional emails from our favorite brands, but do we read those emails? In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about marketing and three ways CRM can act as a helpful aid in expanding your customer base and increase revenue.

Personalized Content

CRM allows a business to better understand their clients through its purchase history, contact information and previous client statement. Overall the software is a database that tracks communication between a business and its clients. Customer relationship management software allows a business to know just exactly who their customer is and once you have that figured out, it makes marketing easier.

This is where personalized content comes into play. Once figuring out who your target audience is, you are able to personally connect and market to them and their specific needs. Instead of using Dear Customer or other neutral terms, you can address your customer by name through your marketing pains such as email blasts. The software will also allow you to tailor other information such as the company they work for, their position in the said company, and their gender as well as advertise food similar to what they’ve purchased in the past.


Customer relationship management also allows for something called segmentation, which is the process of diving your market into individual segments based on a customer’s wants, needs, and their characteristics. The objective is to create a marketing mix that matches customer expectations, all of which are things that can be found out through the use of the software.

Taking marketing personalization up a different notch, segmentation allows a customer to group customers together based on what they have in common, such as their previous purchases and even their social media activity. Creating customer profiles allows for personalized messages and makes a customer feel that you have a true interest in them. We mentioned earlier that email blasts have become a standard way to market, but often times are not utilized correctly. When segmenting your audience, creating specific comfortable for those segments will grow revenue and also improve things such as email metrics.

Focused Targeting

Segmentation allows for customers to be broken into smaller groups and the focused targeting can begin. Looking through customer data, especially if you are a larger business, can be a tedious task. One of the most obvious reasons companies market is in hope to increase its audience and revenue. Knowing who your audience is allowed a company to curate marketing campaigns in a unique and specific way, with items or services that they would most likely be interested. As mentioned, CRM software contains specific in turn regarding customers that allows for focused targeting to even take place.

Customer relationship supervision software has many uses in terms of gaining a better understanding of your listeners. Those personal details can help a company’s marketing branch immensely. This is just one of the many reasons why using customer rapport management software for your business is beneficial.