PostedOn: 2018-01-30 11:48:10

We have been in business for a long time. We’ve worked with businesses of all varieties, sizes, industries, etc. And we’ve learned that no two businesses are the same. For this reason, we make out the uniqueness of the businesses we partner with, and embrace the fact that customization is truly key when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software. That’s why we built On Contact to be a highly customizable sales, marketing, and customer service solution that’s easily pliable to change. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why customization in a relationship management software package can be the difference between a success business solution and a failed one.

Customized software for each user

There is no definitive software fields, screens, or tabs when it comes to On Contact. In fact, a majority of the application can be changed and customized based on the unique needs of your business and can be individualized for various users.

Our UI makes it incredibly easy for users to make the relationship management application their own. Simply drag and drop fields where you want them within our CRM purpose designer. Don’t need a tab for marketing? Hide it from view. It’s as simple as that.

In addition, you’re able to take it one step further by customizing the software by the user. If you have a sales rep utilizing the solution, you might not have a need for them to access phone Center or a management field. This functionality gives you the ability to ensure that your team is equipped with their own unique tools to successfully accomplish their job duties.

Flexible workflow

With On Contact, you don’t have to be a professional programmer to make the relationship managing tool work for you. Even without writing any of the programming code, you’re empowered to build workflows into the application. Specifically, you’re able to:

  • Assign default values
  • Mass assign data changes
  • Automatically schedule tasks, such as emails, escalations, notifications, and data changes

By giving you the power to assign workflows, you’re able to make the software work exactly the way your business needs it to. Without this possibility, you’d have to go through abundant steps between you and the relationship management software vendor to have the application programmed to your unique needs.

Stay secure

Security is everything when it comes to customer relationship management software. With On Contact’s customization functionality, you’re empowered to control the areas of your application that users can utilize. You can also limit which users can access the software, define groups, clarify what type of data users can get to, and define what types of rumor they can see. There are a lot of security options available.

If you need to immediately lock out a user, that can be done with one click. If you find the need to lock out an report completely, that can be done as well. With On Contact, you can be sure that security is a top priority, and that your information is safe and secure.