Most marketers use software like the Email Designer in On Contact’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool because they help simplify and automate the often difficult process of putting together a successful email marketing campaign. On Contact does this, and provides a number of additional benefits to marketers, salespeople, and businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why our software resolution is the right choice for your business’s email marketing objectives.

Help save you money

Did you know? The Email Designer feature is already included in On Contact at no additional cost, along with a glut of our other marketing and sales automation software features. Since it’s included in the purchase of the entire CRM package, there is no need to integrate with another application or pay for any additional software. You’ll have the whole lot you need (and probably a lot more).

Assistance with avoiding spam filters

Avoiding spam filters helps you avoid fines and reach more of your subscribers without being penalized or placed in the spam folder, never to be seen again. Below are a few of the great features available to you through On Contact in regards to spam filters:

  •  Automatically sends emails out in small batches to avoid having your IP address blacklisted.
  • Has tasks that run regularly in the background to check the validity of any email addresses in your database.
  • Won’t email contacts who have unsubscribed, which makes it easier to manage bounce backs and opt-outs in your database.

Host and manage your contact lists from one place

Our Email Designer function pulls contact information right from your CRM database, so your contact lists will always be more accurate and up to date than if you were simply pulling from a spreadsheet. The customer relationship management tool allows you to make updates immediately to existing or new contacts; since the entire enclose is integrated, those changes are then translated to the rest of the solution, including Email Designer.

There’s no need to host graphics on your own server

When you send emails with images, those images have to be pulled from a source somewhere. Without a tool like an Email Designer, you have to store the images on your own server. opportunely, our impressive email designer comes with an image library where you can store images for your convenience.

Design emails with ease

You can design emails without knowing HTML language using customizable drag and drop templates instead. Also: On Contact automatically converts emails to an older version of HTML to make sure they display properly in various email clients, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not recipients can view your emails correctly.

Personalize content for your subscribers, even if you have a really big contact list

You have likely received emails that address you by your first name, right? You can do the same thing using what’s called Dynamic Content. Dynamic Content automates the process of personalizing emails with names, titles, contact information, and so on by automatically pulling it from your database.

Track and analyze your campaign results.

This functionality lets you see right away how successful your email campaign was. Without an email marketing tool like On Contact, you’re really missing out on a major opportunity to scrutinize and better understanding successes and failures when it comes to email marketing campaigns.