How Does Cloud ERP Deliver Faster ROI?

PostedOn: 2018-02-06 11:22:14

According to a new analyst report by Nucleus Research, cloud implementations incur 63 percent lower initial consulting and implementation costs than on-premise ones.

Cloud ERP on Salesforce is faster to implement, taking a few months compared to a year or two for legacy ERP. Faster implementations dramatically reduce up-front costs and ongoing outside consulting. advanced product architecture where companies can map their ERP to their existing business processes, less time is spent on data integration or complex customizations.

While legacy ERP requires hardware to manage, maintenance for Cloud ERP is taken care of by the team, which allows for decreased ongoing personnel costs for manufacturing and distribution companies. Cloud ERP also allows customers to spend the less personal time to manage, maintain, and change the system, because the user experience is intuitive enough that any business analyst can learn it, not just IT specialists.

According to Nucleus Research, companies spend 55 percent less on personnel to support cloud applications compared to on-premise deployments.

What does all this mean? Cloud ERP reduces costs and frees up time and resources to focus on generating revenue, innovating and making sure you can get a faster return on your investment. Are you interested in learning more about the impressive role cloud plays in ROI when planning for a new ERP system? Download the Nucleus Research Analyst Report to find out more.