The prevalence of the internet and its role in sales has changed the way a lot of businesses think about sales and marketing. With the internet being such a major opportunity for prospects to learn about your business, you need to know exactly what you’re up touching, and what you can do to ensure prospects are learning about your accomplished, successful business and not being turned away.

Reviews from Current and Past Customers

Easily the most obvious, yet consequential thing your prospect will already have looked at about your business is user-generated reviews. Reviews are at the keystone of making purchasing decisions, especially with the boom of the internet. Today, anyone and everyone can say whatever they want about a business’s products or services and it’s permanent.

It’s imperative that you know what people are actually saying about you, and address them if possible. Bad reviews can linger and push prospects away from your business, regardless of whether or not they have any validity. A way to alleviate these negative reviews is to reply to the individual and seek some sort of resolution. This looks good not only for the person that reviewed but for projection that may be searching around.

A big part of handling user-generated reviews is living being able to take control. Many companies and websites offer businesses the opportunity to create logins to reply and manage a company’s review page. Take advantage of this opportunity, especially if it’s a site that you know scenario are looking at when making purchasing decisions.

Your Social Presence

For most industries, customers want to know that a business has some personality, and is a thought leader. Social media gives businesses the chance to show prospects a little individuality, even before they come in contact with a sales rep. Make sure your social channels are claimed, optimized, and you’re showing off your businesses true colors.

Your Competitors

If prospects are looking up reviews for your isolation, they’re bound to be looking up competitors and their reviews as well. Understand how your competitors are pitching their goods and services, and the many ways in which your business truly stands out. Once that’s been made clear, utilize marketing and your customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure prospects know this information as well.

Your Personal Social Presence

Building a personal brand is urgent to the success of a sales rep. You’re at the front of the business, communicating with prospects and customers. The last thing you need is to have a social media presence that’s badly chosen or information about you out there that shouldn’t be.