PostedOn: 2018-02-07 11:01:13

Have you ever used a website and noticed a chat appear at the corner of the website? Seeing those chats appear is starting to become the norm for many sites and internet users. Most of the time those chats are to ask you about your experience using the website or to ask if you need any assistance while you are on the site. Chatbots are more than just add-ons for websites, they serve a true purpose and can also help customer relationship management software users.

Before we get into why chatbots are becoming increasingly more popular for websites and social media channels across the board, let’s define what a Chabot is for someone who may not understand or have not had the pleasure of running across one on the internet.

What Are Chat bots?

A Chabot is a computer program sometimes powered by artificial intelligence system that carries on conversations with customers online via text. The interactions can range from standard questions to more complex ones that may deal with topics like troubleshooting. The bots also tend to live on different sites such as Facebook Messenger and e-commerce sites.

The purpose of a Chabot is typical to help assistant online patrons. For example, if you are on an e-commerce site, searching for a specific item or simply browsing, the Chabot may appear asking if you need assistance with finding an item that you may be searching for. Through text, they may answer your questions and help you with your needs.

Why Are We Seeing so Many Bots?

With many things that appear to be on the cutting edge or trendy, we all may begin to see those things appear more frequently on their respective channels, the same is happening with chatbots. While they have always been around, businesses are looking for ways to increase the chances for a positive customer service experience.

One of the purposes that chatbots serve is to extend a helping hand to customers. Chatbots are also a timely feature, allowing businesses to meet their customers where they are in a style they most prefer. Most customers do not prefer to speak with representatives over the phone and emails are not always the best way to reach your consumer base either. They get lost in the shuffle and often times forgotten about or deleted.

How Can Bots Help with CRM?

These two features can help complement one another and benefit those who matter most, your customers, both potential and current ones. Like previously mentioned, chatbots can help with the customer service experience, which is what customer relationship management software also does. It is an instant way to connect with customers while they shop or browse through your website, asking them about their experience, if they are looking for specific items or need help navigating through the website.

With the help of CRM, you know information about your customer base, both specific and overarching information. With it, you can have your Chabot communicate with users based on the information you may know about them. It can potentially help promote sales and if customers decide to give reviews, can help you attract more business through customer referrals.

You may have noticed chat bots appearing on websites that you frequent for quite some time now, but as business begin to put an emphasis on customer service, along with the help of CRM, chatbots will move past being a trend and take on the role of a website staple.