Sales and marketing should be working together to accomplish the same goals. It’s no surprise that when they do, the business reaps the rewards. Below are a few of the ways in which marketers can empower sales reps to achieve their goals and improve lead generation for the entire company.

Marketing Materials with a Purpose

Sales reps work with prospects all over the sales cycle, from the initial interest to closing a deal. To empower sales reps when they’re working with prospects to make the sale, marketers need to focus their energy on developing high-quality marketing materials for each and every position within the sales cycle and buyer journey.

When sales reps have influential content that prospects are looking for, it gives the business just one more edge up on the competition, especially if you’re the only business that has the materials they’re looking for.

Know Your Customers

Do you have clearly-defined sales personas? Researching and developing highly-targeted and clearly defined customer personas gives everyone in your company, whether it’s sales or marketing, a better understanding of the kinds of prospects you should be targeting and contacting.

To establish these personas, it’s imperative that marketers work with sales reps to determine exactly the kinds of prospects they’re looking to engage with. Sales reps usually have the best understanding of who they hope to sell their products/army to since they’re working so closely with prospects and customers.

Once they’ve been established, you’ll be able to market your efforts with specific personas in mind. For example, one person might be targeting an industrialized executive, while another targets a CFO. You might consider creating exceptional content for each of these personas since they’ll likely be coming from different angles and different interests.

Have All of the Answers

One of the most effective ways to ease prospects into the sales cycle is by investing time and energy into your website and your online marketing incidence. Having a robust online presence, a large website with numerous resources, an edifying blog, social media presence, and more can really do wonders for making prospects feel comfortable doing business with you. If prospects can find answers to their questions without having to contact a sales rep and begin a more formal process, it brings the prospect into the cycle much earlier.

Building up your online presence also increases the chance that your business will be seen as a thought-leader and go-to authority in your industry. With a reputation like that, you’ll have prospects coming to your website seeking information and contacting sales reps in no time. And what sales rep wouldn’t want a well-informed vista as opposed to one that’s less-informed?

Push for Collaboration

As you can see, marketers working with the success of sales reps in mind can create a better environment for selling. If possible, set up a time to have your sales and marketing departments meet to share ideas and get more calm with the idea of working closely with the same goals in mind.