Customer relationship management (CRM) software isn’t simply a sales automation tool. It’s also fantastic at enhancing a business’s marketing efforts. Take a look at a few of the many features that make marketing automation software an absolute must for your business.

Campaign Management

Have you ever tried putting on a multi-phased marketing campaign without having any detailed data to analyze? If so, you probably regretted it. A data-driven campaign will always outperform one that’s not dependent on metrics. With marketing automation software, you’re able to execute highly-targeted campaigns that are designed to drive leads through the sales pipeline and give you measurable, accurate data.

In addition to analytics, you’re also able to automate processes that would otherwise take up too much of your marketing team’s time. For example, you probably don’t have to craft up an entirely unique email response to prospects each and every time. Campaign management automation allows you to simplify this process and save time.

Email Marketing

Email is a huge asset to both sales and marketing. To improve your emailing efforts, rely on marketing automation. Specifically, with On Contact CRM, you can send targeted emails, segment groups within your CRM contact list, track the success of email marketing campaigns through detailed analytic software, and more.

Beyond automating the process of sending emails, our CRM software allows you to customize and design your own. Utilize a variety of unique email templates and features to build the perfect email marketing campaign to improve lead generation opportunities.

Lead Management

This is where having an integrated CRM and marketing automation software platform come into play. Lead management is a crucial facet of the main goals behind CRM software, and marketing automation has a big role in it as well. With lead management functionality, users are able to systematically score opportunities that come in through marketing efforts, whether that’s through landing pages, emails, online marketing, or another tactic. The scale that’s used to rank the leads is determined by your team and based completely on your business’s unique market and specifications.

With this system in place, you can deliver only the highest quality leads, and filter out all the rest that aren’t really worth the time. This process can be refined over time as needed, giving you flexibility in how you use the lead management tool.

Landing Pages

There’s likely a lot of people coming to your website. Ever wonder who they are, and why they’re there? That’s what landing pages and web visitor tracking functionality are for.

Landing pages are one of the best marketing tactics available for collecting web visitor information and converting individuals browsing the web into leads and key prospects. Simply build a unique and enticing landing page and collect valuable information. With On Contact CRM, this data is automatically stored within the software and ready to be utilized.

From there, you’re able to track how the visitor got to your site, what pages they visit, the effectiveness of your website’s pages, and the time they spent on each. This information is crucial in enhancing your business’s online marketing and SEO presence, as well as for sales in knowing where key pain points are and the various areas for improvement.