PostedOn: 2018-02-14 12:07:18

We often get lost in talking about the numerous benefits customer relationship management (CRM) software provides for salespeople, and we forget how influential it can be in empowering sales managers. From a complete and comprehensive overview of data and key sales and marketing analytics to a bird-eye view of the sales cylinder, the features in On Contact CRM are perfect for a sales manager looking to improve his team’s sales efforts.

Plenty of Data at Your Fingertips

Everyone loves data. Whether it’s key metrics regarding a particular customer, prospect, or email promotion campaign, On Contact CRM stores any and all influential data in one centralized hub, ensuring that you’re collecting what’s relevant and keeping it safe.

Specifically, On Contact CRM gives managers the opportunity to utilize interactive data visuals, such as pie, bar, and line charts, to better scrutinize data and drive results. These visuals are compiled within reports, which can be customized based on pre-determined criteria and predefined date ranges, and then exported to PDF/Microsoft Word files for easy accessibility. If you’re not looking for an in-depth look at key metrics, our CRM software provides a snap look at data through dashboards. Much like reports, dashboards can be completely customized to fit the needs of your sales department and business.

Complete Pipeline Visualization

We hear it time and time again from new customers reflecting on their new On Contact CRM software: we’ve never been able to visualize our entire sales funnel until now. That’s because our CRM comes equipped with an array of pipeline management features that give managers an in-depth, comprehensive look at their business’s sales pipeline. Once the CRM begins gathering sales data and marketing metrics, you’ll be able to visualize your sales funnel and better analyze your business’s sales and marketing efforts. The sales pipeline functionality allows you to drill down into specific portions of the funnel to better realize pain points and discover common challenges or opportunities that you see throughout the sales process across various customers and prospects.

Comprehensive Overview of Productivity and Campaigns

As a manager, it’s your job to hold your employees accountable for their actions and efforts at work. With On Contact CRM’s productivity management functionality, you’re better able to keep track of the progress your sales reps are making, discover strengths and weaknesses among your team, and strive for new solutions to keep your team motivated and productive.

In addition, On Contact CRM lets managers check on in the progress of key advertising campaigns, such as landing pages or email marketing efforts. This data can be segmented and drilled down for more specificity and concrete detail.

Control of Automation

Looking to save time through your CRM software? Utilize workflow computerization tools! Our software gives managers the ability to automate certain sales and business processes that are time-consuming and ultimately unnecessary for sales reps. Simply form alerts and signals within CRM to enhance your business’s workflow and save time, such as alerting reps with an automated email, automatically creating an event, opening a new activity or break, etc. This can all be customized for your business’s convenience and unique demands