Consulting services for your E-commerce platform / Web solutions

Often we hear from our customers that the competitive landscape of today’s e-commerce world require transformational changes to the solution / platform. Ability to go mobile becomes key in reaching to the gen next users.

We have provided consultative led solutions and pure play consulting services in designing user-interactive web solutions. We have experts who can assess your business demands, logic and business process flows and convert them to a solid business commerce solution.

We provide end to end consulting services starting from technology and platform assessment to business logic design.

By virtue of providing strong UI and customer interface in the past, for our customers, we do consulting to enhance the UI and customer experience.

Our Consulting model will include, customer experience management activities where we enable to catch, judge and collect effective feedback from user groups and help you to align your solutions to the user experience .

E-commerce Hosting

On demand, we provide migration, hosting and management of your e-commerce or web solution on cloud. Our partnership with leading cloud hosting service providers in the market can help you host your platform with high availability, right price and with DR capabilities .We would manage your platform and provide Availability, administration and user management activities.

Excelanto’s Managed services model in E-commerce would offer end to end service in turning your dream to reality. Come with your business idea and see for yourself how this takes shape in reality. You will experience industry lead solution in designing, developing, hosting and managing your e-commerce dream.

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