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Online Booking Management System

Excelanto is the leading online booking system designed specifically for tour, activity, excursion, sightseeing, and adventure businesses. Excelanto provides tourism businesses with the ability to take on-line bookings, process payments, and manage customers. If you are using an online booking software that is not meeting your needs, is designed for accommodations or general appointments, you should consider switching to Excelanto ERP, the only system designed especially for tours and activities.

What can online booking software do for me?

According to research, over 57% of travellers book their travel online. If you do not offer your customers the ability to book your tours or activities in real-time, you are missing out on valuable revenue, not to mention guaranteed bookings.

If you are a tour or activity business that operates daily, recurring, or fixed departure date tours (such as a group tour), then Excelanto is likely a good fit for you. Excelanto instantly gives your business website a professional and secure booking engine complete with the ability to process payments to your PayPal or bank account, printable or mobile vouchers, notification emails, and more.

The reason why Excelanto is a leading online booking software is because it is specialized for particular businesses. In order to be the best at something, we believe you have to be focused, and you have to be passionate about your specialty. For the most part, our customers are very specialized, they do one or maybe two things really well and they are looking for a technology solution that is built the same way.

Online Booking Management System Modules

  1. Companies list
  2. Activity Operator
  3. Adventure Outfitters
  4. Tour and Activity Resellers
  5. Attractions
  6. Events
  7. Chamber of commerce/Board of Trades
  8. Destination Marketing Organizations or Convention & Visitor Bureaus

Even though these operators may seem completely different from each other, there is a common characteristic that allows Excelanto to work well for all of them. The Excelanto online booking software is very well suited to any business that offers tours, activities, events, and excursions that are:

  • Scheduled (daily, repetitive, or fixed start date).
  • Fixed availability (seats, tickets, etc.).
  • If your business offers this kind of service, then Excelanto will be a great fit for you.

Online Booking Management System Demo

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