Multi-Level-Marketing System India

Multilevel Marketing System is a marketing methodology where a company doesn't have direct outlets for its products instead it follows a policy called chain marketing or network marketing. It is a form of direct sales in which independent distributors sell their products. Distributors can buy the products whole-sale, sell them retail and recruit other distributors who can do the same. When the customer registers with the company he will be at the first level that is at the new distributor level. Based on the sales done by the customer and the introduction of the new distributor the customer will get some incentives and promotions. Our application consists the features of maintaining distributor information's, monitoring special performances, generation of reports, registration of new customers, sales and purchase etc.

Multi-Level-Marketing System Demo

Cloud Based multi level marketing system chennai


Cloud based multi level marketing system india

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Multi Level Marketing System Chennai


Multi Level Marketing System India

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